Day 2

I promise to try to be more creative with post titles in the future, but right now, on Day 2 of Juneathon, all I can think of is “oh dear, 28 more days.” 


Today was a non-running day–instead I did a 31 minute body weight workout (it was 2 workouts–one 15 minutes, the 2nd was 16, thus the odd number of minutes). Last year I found this app–workout trainer by skimble.  I like it a lot–I can create my own workouts or use the pre-programmed ones.  It came in handy when I had the stress fracture, as I could create ‘arms only’ workouts that didn’t put pressure on my feet.  I like that you can edit the preprogrammed workouts, too.  I also like that there are lots of workouts that don’t use all the extra stuff–dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, etc., so it’s not like a huge investment from the get-go.  

Enough free advertising for them, though.  Tomorrow is a running day, and I’m still considering the local 10k–I’ve got to do my 6 miles, why not in a race environment?  Or, why? why in a race environment, where I’m apt to push myself a little harder when that’s not what I need right now. Ah, the conversations I have with myself in my head. . .



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