Day 3-10k

Today was the Montclair 2mile and 10k–on a whim yesterday I registered for the 10k figuring that if i was going to do any sort of training for the Old Port Half Marathon, today’s long run would be six miles.  which is 10k. (so pleased i remember my metric system).

My goals for this race? None.  Except to finish.  Without re-injuring my heel.  And, if possible, within a 10 min/mile pace. 

My results?  According to my LYR app: 6.3 miles in 59:40.  When I crossed the finish line, the clock read 59:31. I am really pleased.  The last half mile was a bit tough–my legs were tired, but I had stamina.  And I was wicked pleased at the 6 miles mark– 57:40.  My app’s mileage tracker seemed slightly off the course’s, but then again, I started at the back of the pack and turned it on when i started running, not at the official starting line.

Best yet–no pain in my foot/heel!  


I’m glad I followed this whim–it was good practice for my upcoming race, it gave me some confidence that I can still do some distance, and I know i’ve got to work on my stretching and leg strength a bit more.

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