Addendum Day 5

I’m trying (oh so hard) to ignore the twinge of achiness I’m feeling in my right foot (the one that just banished its boot a week ago).  I’m going to pretend that it wasn’t the 10k that did me in–I felt perfectly fine after that–I’m going with the cobblestones and construction of lower manhattan that I had to jostle through today.

On Tuesdays I work in the city; I meet up with some volunteers, and we work together on anything that needs to get done for my job.Typically I head over to our offices on Water Street, prior to heading to Trinity Place–I love Water St.  I hate the cobblestones.  Asthetically, they’re beautiful.  But they’re murder on my feet.  And I even wore my really cushy kickers. By the time I took the train home (another story!) my right foot was aching. Not in the same spot as my heel fracture, but it’s a little too close for comfort.

Anyway, my update for Juneathon Day 5:

walk from WTC PATH station to Water St, then Trinity Place, then back to the PATH station: 2.3 miles

number of icky rude women who cut the line (in front of me) at Starbucks: 1 (could be worse, I guess)

amount of time obsessing about my damn foot and all the implications: HOURS!  (i just need to get over me…)


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