Day 6

The interwebs are conspiring against me.  The boot is back on my foot.  This day is going downhill fast.

Yep, I put the boot back on.  I’ve got a crazy four-five days coming up, and yesterday after the trek into the city, the foot was aching and I’m not going to play around with it.  And no, I don’t think it’s the 10k that put me here–I think it’s the crappy cobblestones, uneven walking surfaces of construction zones, the start-stopping of commute-walking etc. (plus the tempermental weather, and weak foot muscles) that did me in.

So, while I manage to get through a day of packing up knit kits for my 1200 TEAny Hat project,then Silver Bell, a two-day camping trip with 25 8 year olds and WWKIP day (world wide knit in public day) in NYC on Sunday, I’ve decided to slap that boot back on my foot so that next week I can start again.

Juneathon stats:

body weight workout: 30 minutes

boot on foot: 1

number of TEAny hats already made: 75 (estimate)


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