Day 7

I feel ike I’m getting the hang of this–wake up, work out, get to the office, post, and then start my day.  It’s a nice feeling of accomplishment–both physical and mental, and all before 9am!

Today I borrowed another Juneathoner’s workout, and added it to skimble  (with some edits-added weights to the lunges, for example). I skipped the jumping jacks.  I hate those.  Always have. Always will. Anyway, it’s nice being part of a larger group–i hate re-inventing the wheel, and when I saw this workout, I knew it was exactly what i needed to boost my energy level until I’m out of this boot (again).

Yesterday was National Running Day in the US.  I didn’t run, but I did register for The Color Run in NYC.  Good thing my coworker reminded me, because now it’s sold out.  holy cow.  One day!

Today’s stats (so far)

20 minutes of body weight exercises

3 rounds each of push-ups (45 seconds per round), squats (1 min), dumbbell right lunges and dumbbell left lunges (1 min each), russian twists (1 min), wall sit with knee raises (1 min) and crunches (1 min).  I averaged about 75 pushups, 90 squats, 75 lunges each side, 150 russian twists, and 90 crunches.  

I’m at my work’s big fundraiser all day today at chelsea piers in NYC–there will be lots of walking.  Now I wish I had a garmin to track all that.


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