and on Day 8. . .

exhaustion.  Well, not really.  Our big event at work went off without a hitch–and it was an excellent event with over 800 people and lots of $$ raised for the organization.  One of the highlights is when our chaplains bless a parade of boats in the Hudson river.  This year, the boats  (mostly tugs) lined up early, and our chaplains with two bishops were busy busy busy calling out the names and blessing each and every one.  Last year (and in most years) this part of the event is always in flux as thunderstorms sometimes interrupt the proceedings.  This year thunderstorms were predicted, but luckily for us, they stayed away. Once the photos are ready, I’ll put them up.

I was involved in the pre-event forum as well, which required some walking back and forth between pier 60 and pier 61–maybe .2 miles (one way)?  I did that roundtrip 3 times.  (1.2 miles?) 

Today, I woke promptly at 5:30am (despite getting home after midnight) and headed over to the neighborhood elementary school for a run/walk session with my friend.  So I ran .7 miles to the school, then 1.07 walk/run with my buddy, and then, since I was feeling pretty good, I went off and did another 2.8 miles on my own afterwards.  The foot ached slightly, but since I’m not sure if this is a re-injury or just a sore-because-of-unuse injury, i’m going to plod on.  reasonably, and safely, but still plod on.

Day 8 stats:

run: 3.5 miles (.7 + 2.8)

run/walk miles: 1.07

good conversation with friend: 1

revamped playlist: 1

Day 7 addendum: 1.2 miles walking (in boot)


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