Juneathon Day 10

This was our camping schedule for Saturday, June 9:

9:30 arrive at camp, unpack and set up cabin

10:00 rock climbing wall

11:00 critter discover

12:30 lunch

1:30 swimming & beach time

3:00 tie-dying and candle making

4:30 giant swing

6:00 dinner

7:00 campfire

???? lights out

If Juneathon rules allowed for substitutions, I’d hand my baton to Thing 3.  But they don’t, and while I didn’t get to rock climb or swim or giant swing (read: catapult), there was plenty of walking and walking and walking.  So although my Juneathon effort for 6/9 was meager, it was there.  

I learned a few things about myself on this trip.

  1. I don’t like 24 hours straight of non-stop noise. 
  2. I have much less patience for 8 year olds than many (maybe all?) of the other mothers.  I don’t know if it’s because Things 1 & 2 are significantly older and I used up my store of patience on them (and for many of my fellow brownie moms, their 8 year olds are either first or second borns).  
  3. my Thing 3 is a good sport to have such a curmudgeon of a parent.  
  4. I still love camping and singing cheesy songs and eating s’mores.  That will never get old.
  5. i’m lucky that Thing 3 is so enthusiastic–we’re going to continue to have lots of fun together.  I’m really pleased at how she tried some new things.  The “giant swing” (which really was a catapult–complete misnomer for that activity) was terrifying.  The child was clipped into a harness and then pulled up (by her fellow brownies) to a significant height), and then the child released the rope and FLEW over the treetops back and forth.  Thing 3 wasn’t so eager to try, but she did, and boy did she love it.  As someone who’s deathly afraid of heights and speed, I admired her attitude.

Juneathon stats for 6/9:

miles run: none

paths walked: trillions

# of children catapulted: 14

# of s’mores eaten (by all): 25

# of campsongs sung: 8

# of times campsongs were repeated: kajillion!


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