Day 11–“You Look So Formidible!”

I was good all weekend.  Although I had wanted to run, I held back, trying to give my foot some more recovery time.  Sadly, though, the boot didn’t seem to be helping, and yesterday night I was frustrated with the stiffness and dullness that doesn’t seem to abate.

I almost tossed in the towel this morning.  I had my 6:15am run/walk scheduled with my friend (plus a new one who was joining us).  My thought was to wake at 5am, stretch, and do a simple 3 mile loop to end up near the elementary school.  My foot was stiff again this morning, with some slight heel pain (though in a different spot than my heel stress fracture), so I told myself that I’d head out for the run but would STOP IMMEDIATELY (!) should there even be the slightest twinge of ouchiness.

But there wasn’t. And let me tell you, I thought about it each and every time I put my foot down.  I tried to stay at my 10 min/mile pace, made it up a couple of good hills, and felt fantastic for the entire fun! Very happy about that.

I met up with my walk/run crowd at 6:15, and off we went with our 3 min walk/1 min run routine for 1.7 miles.  At one point we were walking abreast on the road (not much traffic) and a woman coming out of her house saw us and exclaimed “why, you look so formidible!”  

A new superhero group: the Formidibles!  LOVE IT!


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