Day 12

Today was a non-running day.  Honestly it’s hard for me to stick to this “every-other day” or “every third day” running schedule while I continue to recuperate, but I’m doing my darndest.  Today the weather cooperated, and it was rainy this morning.  A good excuse to not head outside.  But not an excuse to skip Juneathon.

So I did a 20 minute kettlebells, dumbbells and bodyweight workout. 3 rounds each of bent-over rows (right and left arms separate for 30 seconds per arm), overhead presses (45 seconds), kettlebell snatches (1 minute) push ups (1 minute) dragon squats (1 minute) weighted squats (1 minute), russian twists (1 minute) and i think that’s it.  It was tough.  Especially the kettlebell snatches.  I used my husband’s 20 lb kettlebell, and now my wrist is feeling it!

Then I went into the city to meet up with the Tuesday Ladies, my knitting volunteers.  Mary had made 3 hats towards the TEAny Hat project, in addition to her regular output of normal sized hats and scarves.  


The trip into the city was made all the more unpleasant because of some errands I had to run prior to reaching Trinity Wall St., and the rain.  I know I should just shut up about the rain, given that the Juneathon participants across the pond have had more than their fair share, but. . .it does tend to throw a glitch into almost everything. Except for the giant rat.


Rain does not deter strikers nor their enormous rats.  (the rain had let up to almost nothing at this point).

So, in addition to the body weight workout, I also tromped around lower Manhattan for 1.5 miles (but not all at once).  

Tomorrow is a run day.  tomorrow is a sun day.  At least in my mind it is!

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