The Formidibles grow. . .

This morning, after 3 mile loop, I met up again with the Formidibles to learn that we’ve grown again–from 4 on Monday (me, Mimi, Eric and Mimi’s son) to 6.  Eric brought along his daughter and dog.  Surprisingly it worked.  Maybe because I had already completed my own half marathon workout beforehand.  But it made me question my mothering skills–I’m not too keen on sharing my running time with Things 1, 2, and 3.  Yep, I’ll share my bed, my food, my money, my love, and talents, my loud voice, my criticism, my praise, my playlists and downloaded apps (and in the future, i suspect: my shoes, my makeup, and even more of my money), but I cherish my running time. that’s my time.  and at the same time, am slightly envious of parents who are that giving. 

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