In the yarn world, knitters and crocheters talk about their LYS (local yarn shop/store) with affection, frustration, and all the other ‘tions” you feel when there’s a shop (and/or shop owner) that you’ve just connected with.  And your LYS is where you go for support, and enabling (because most knitters don’t need any more yarn–they’ve all got plenty), to sit and relax, to sit and bitch, etc.  It’s your home away from home. So my question is: do runners have an LRS (local running store)?  Because I think I’ve got one.

Which leads to my conundrum.  I’m scheduled to launch my 1200 TEAny Hats project at my LYS (Modern Yarn, which actually used to be MY yarn shop, in that I co-owned it, but then sold it) at 7pm, but my LRS (Fleet Feet Montclair) has a 3 mile Thursday night run and tonight is a free socks give-away.  I need some new socks, and I need to run me some miles.  Even though Thursday is not supposed to be a running day.  It’s been a tough week chez Sato, and I need to burn off some steam and clear my head. 

I’m still undecided.  Here’s the game that’s going on in my head:

Pros to running:

  • if i do the 3 miles at 6pm, i’ll be done by 6:30, 6:40 at the latest (if there’s a late start), and I can definitely be to the project launch on time.  I may be stinky, but if i drop off a change of clothing and baby powder at my LYS, it should be ok.  Plus I need socks

Cons to running:

  • Thursday is cross-training only. save your feet; you’re healing up nicely.  don’t blow it now. plus, you can knit yourself some socks.  

and maybe that’s the clincher: I can always knit me up some socks.  

Just in case, 20 minutes of bodyweight/dumbbells this morning.  squats, lunges, pushups, crunches, bend over rows, upright rows, chest press and russian twists. 3 sets each.

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