Day 15–Pink Flamingos

This morning I set out on my walk/run with the Formidibles.  I had actually done the Fleet Feet fun run last night, so my goal this morning was to do a mile light warm-up, then my walk/run.  My house to the school measures out at .7 miles, so I went around the block and encountered:


As i turned the corner, a rabbit hopped in front of me–so I stopped to get his pic.  And then I noticed the pink flamingos. The flamingos are actually a school-fundraiser–you pay to get them off your yard (and when you pledge, you get to choose whose yard to send them to).  

So last night I decided to tough it out and participate in the fun run; yes, I can knit my own socks, but it would take longer than the few minutes I would spend in line (or running 3 miles).  I am particular about my socks, but these socks from Belaga were quite nice, and even foot-specific:


Not sure how this will work out when I’m dressing in the dark for my runs (come fall/winter), but right now, the mornings are light, so we’re good.  I really appreciated the arch support in these socks, so I plan on fitting them into the rotation with all my smart wools

Lastly, I saw this this new gps watch that intrigues me in a few ways.  

1. I’ve been strapping my iPhone to my arm since January, and that doesn’t always work out.  


This is after a drop in February (and I’m waiting for the iPhone 5 to come out instead of replacing this one).  But back to the GPS watches.  I have little wrists.  I like big watches, but at a certain point, the hugeness of the watches on the market is ridiculous.  

2. I used to work in economic development, and I LOVE the idea of entrepreneurs with solid business plans and products (or services) being able to get the start-up financing they need to get their product or service to market.  So I made my pledge, and I hope they get there.  If not, they should get on Shark Tank.  I think Mark Cuban would definitely buy into this.

Juneathon update:

6/14: miles ran: 3.0 (in 28 minutes and change–woot!)

6/15: miles ran: 1.7, miles walk/ran: 1.7

bunnies spotted: 1

pink flamingos: a yardful



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