Day 17–Happy Father’s Day

Today is all about the Mister.  We woke early (thanks to Thing 3 and her enthusiasm), and the Mister was promptly presented with a dill plant, a bread maker and a workout bench.  He seemed pleased.  Then we departed for breakfast at one of our fave joints, Toast, for waffles, pancakes, French toast, and scrambled eggs.

In the afternoon, I had a work obligation at Modern Yarn, and since it’s a non-running day and I didn’t feel like doing any body weight workouts, I walked there and back, lugging my stuff.  Round trip: 3.18 miles in 49:13.  It’s a good walk, and it was a cool (but sunny) day, so I consider this my Juneathon activity for the day.

Tonight we’re heading into Queens because my sister is back visiting from Hong Kong!  So excited to see her (it’s been about a year), and I miss her horribly.  And Thing 3 misses her BFFC (best friend forever cousin) just as badly.  They’re stateside for a month, so I expect to see a lot of them!


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