Jumping the gun

It dawned on me yesterday that I’ve got a lot going on, and the next few weeks will get a bit crazy. This week school ends, and with it, the scheduling glue that keeps me organized.  I’ve got a business trip this Friday through Tuesday, and then the following week (July, holy cow!), another that takes me into the middle of that month!  And now to sound officially like an oldster: where has the time gone!

The two back-to-back trips require tons of personal and professional logistical maneuvering. Which all of a sudden came to a head (in my head) last night.  So, although I’ve been resolved to run every other day, this morning, after a restless sleep, I laced up for a quick jaunt.  Just to right myself.  

I planned on 2 miles, but I got into the groove, and finished with 4.  Tomorrow will be 97F, so maybe instead of running before meeting up with the Formidibles, I’ll be content with that walk/run workout.

And now I’m ready for that HUGE to-do list…I think.


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