summertime, summertime

sum, sum summertime. . .

Today is officially “move up” day in our school district.  It’s the last day of school and the kids actually go to their next year classroom with their next year classmates and teacher.  I sorta like this tradition–it eliminates an entire topic of summertime conversation (i wonder who’s in my class, i wonder what my teacher’s like) and it’s a nice segue into summer.

Here’s Thing 3 for her move-up day photo, and the other shot is on the playground with her BFF (who is also in her class for grade 3–what luck!). Things 1 & 2 escaped early and were not part of the dreaded move up day photo–thus ruining an 11 year tradition chez Sato.  I’ve never seen them run off to school so quickly before…

Because of move-up day (and the predicted heat and humidity for NJ), I planned on only doing my walk/run with the Formidibles this morning.  So, 3.1 miles in 43 minutes.  At 6:15am, it was not unbearably hot, but the humidity was really kicking it up.  It’s supposed to get into the high 90s today (and actually have a ‘real feel’ temp of 107F!)  

Juneathon Stats

today: walk/run: 3.1 miles

total in June: 53.35 miles.  not bad

# of Things missing from move up day photo: 2

# of Things so excited for grade 3: 1


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