last day to breathe…

but with all this humidity, it may be hard.  Today’s my last day in the office until July 12.  Not that i’m going on vacation or anything (except for Wed-Friday next week); just two work-related trips back to back.  Both will be good, but all the prep work for the trips coupled with the personal hoops I’m jumping through to make sure all the Things and the Mister are cared for means there’s more crazy than usual going on in my head.

Added to the fun: the interwebs at work, along with the phone lines, are gone!  I’m connecting through a mifi device, which is great, except I have TONS of shipping labels to print, which i have to do locally since our big printer is offline (again, the interwebs).  But the mifi device uses a USB port, and it’s so wide that it covers the 2nd USB port on my laptop. That’s just enough of an issue to make my head explode.

Anyways, with all this going on (and the first day of summer vacation for the Things), I woke up promptly at 5:30, stepped over a floor full of sleeping teenagers (the first of many summer sleepovers, I’m sure), and headed out for my planned 3 mile run.  It was so-so hot (about 79F), so I tried to stay on tree-lined streets (easy enough in my town).  At the 3 mile point, I was feeling pretty good, and I added two more miles to my loop. Maybe not the smartest thing on such a hot morning, but just when I was getting too hot and bothered, I turned the corner onto a neighborhood where nearly every home had sprinklers going!  “why the hell not,” i thought to myself, and i promptly left the road for the front lawns and ran through sprinklers for maybe .25 of a mile.  It felt great!  

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