Hello Columbus!

Today is the start of my trip to Columbus for TNNA (the National Needlearts Association).  I love coming here.  Although a teeny city compared to NYC, there’s a great market (North Market) with fresh food and even better ice cream (Jeni’s) that I’ll gladly wait in line any day for.  

Luckily for me, it’s slightly cooler in Columbus than in NJ, and tomorrow I’m going to attempt 9-10 miles prior to the trade show opening.  I’m not sure how smart a plan that is–i’ve got to be on my feet for 8 hours tomorrow, but it’s Juneathon and the Old Port Half is fast approaching.  On Ravelry, I posted several invites asking for company.  Funny how nobody’s taken me up on that yet.  

Today I did not schedule any exercise, figuring that the walking between the hotel and the convention center in inappropriate yet really attractive footwear several times would suffice.  The walk between my hotel and the show is about .25 miles one way–so far I’ve made the trek 5 times (1.25 miles).  Good enough!  Now downstairs to the hotel bar for a Stella, then out to dinner with some of my yarn peeps!


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