Juneathon Day 23; TNNA Day 2

On this 23rd day of Juneathon and 2nd day of TNNA, I woke promptly at 5:30 and headed outside to a wonderfully dry and slightly overcast Columbus and a 9 mile run. 

I started out wicked fast–mile one clocked in a 7:18.  I was wondering why I was going so quickly, and chalked it up to pent up energy (working a trade show isn’t exactly a calorie-consuming activity). It wasn’t until mile 9 that I realized why mile 1 was so fast–it was a gentle downhill that didn’t feel quite as gentle nearly 1.5 hours later. 

After the speedy mile 1, I settled back into my typical 10 min/mile pace, and really took my time, waiting out the traffic lights, stopping for water, etc.  It was a good run, and lucky for me, a local knitter recommended some great, historic neighborhoods to run through.

I’m happy with the run, and even happier that I could eat back those calories with two scoops of Jeni’s splendid ice cream (salty caramel and brown sugar butter cruch).  yummmmmm!

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