Are we there yet?

Day 2 at TNNA was unending. The show is going well, and then I had excellent Thai food for dinner. I was tired and went to bed at a fairly reasonable 10:30, and was promptly awaken at 3:45am by the guests in the room next door. Not their music, or TV, just really LOUD voices. I sleep fairly soundly, but this conversation sounded like it was coming from the foot of my bed. I waited about 20 minutes, during which there was no sign of abatement, so I knocked on their door to ask them to lower their voices. Now I’m a tall girl, and I think that can be intimidating, but I also know that when making a request, it’s best to do so politely. So I asked quietly and with a smile. Their reply?



Because, and this the excellent logic behind their response, they paid the same amount of money for their room as I did. Which I guess entitled them to disturb other guests in the wee hours of the morning.

I went back to my room, and tried to fall asleep again, to no avail, so I went to the front desk to request a room change. The two women must have heard my door close, and they followed me to the front desk to argue. Unfortunately there were no empty rooms in the hotel, and I had to listen to even better logic as they kept interrupting my (again quiet, bordering on sleepy) conversation with the front desk manager.

The end result: late night knitting, very little sleep, and my hotel bill halved as an apology for the inconvenience. Today, I’m dragging, regretting having knit when so tired (too many mistakes), so my juneathon effort consisted of 20 minutes on the elliptical in the hotel gym.

Juneathon stats:
Elliptical: 20 minutes
Noisy neighbors: 2
Running partner found: 1(met someone in the hotel elevator in running gear and at the same trade show–agreed to try a 3 mile loop tomorrow)!

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