Day 25–tons of hats!


The last day of the yarn show–my collection of TEAny Hats has grown.  This is always a fun trade show, and I think my project added some buzz.  

Last night was so peaceful. I ate a quiet meal alone in the hotel and got to bed early (10ish). I was not awaken at 3:45 (thank goodness), and woke this morning at 6:30 for my run.  I did 3.25 miles (mapped out the night before on Map My Run), but my gps this morning didn’t pick up the satellite, so I don’t know my time.  I’m estimating just slightly over 30 minutes.  The run took me through a lovely historic neighborhood and a fairly nice park.  On the downside, my heel starting aching again.  Must be a combination of the 9 miles and the two 8 hour days on my feet.  hmmmm. So I picked up a bag of ice at Starbucks and am now sitting in my booth with a frozen foot!


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