Two birds with one stone–Juneathon Days 26 and 27

Yesterday I returned to NJ from Columbus. And that just about wiped me out.  Which I find hard to believe since it’s a short 60 minute flight that, while it left early, was still within the realm of reasonable.  It could have been the incredibly bouncy approach to Newark airport (why are there always wind gusts up to 40 mph when I’m in a teeny plane?), or that I went straight to work. 

Suffice it to say that I postponed any sort of Juneathon activity until 10:45pm, when I did 20 squats, 15 dragon squats and 20 push ups right before bed.

This morning, though, I was up at 6 and out the door for 3 miles.  Unfortunately, my heel is still bothering me, which is disappointing.  The 9 miles in Columbus coupled with the long trade show days in unsupportive sandals may be the culprit, but I think I need to take a few days off so that it doesn’t get any worse.  I do see Dr. Gorgeous (my podiatrist) this afternoon for my custom insoles.  I’m uncertain if I should mention it to him, as his typical response is: “stop running.”  grrr. And given that we’re heading out for some vacation for the rest of this week means that I will have ample opportunity to postpone any sort of running…

But it’s good to be home–and having accessible frozen peas.  

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