Blame it on the interwebs…

Although it may appear as though I’ve ended Juneathon on a whimper, that’s really not the case. This is, after all, a festival of activity and excuses, so here’s mine: the interwebs in Maine suck. But I’m not complaining, because Maine “is the way life should be” (at least that’s what the welcome sign at the state line says, and I firmly believe it), so not being virtually connected gives you a whole lotta time for other stuff.

Like running. Not that I did so much. My heel was still bothering me, so Thursday I took a 3 mile walk (alone) and a mile-long hike (with my 14 and 8 year old daughters and 5 and almost 3 year old nieces). We met up with a snake, and found some pretty mushrooms. Found out later that the snake was of the poisonous kind (good thing we got really close and poked at it with a stick), but the mushrooms were not (the almost 3 year old licked hers and is still alive).

Friday was another walk–3.5 miles in the opposite direction to the Portland Head Light. It started pouring rain, so the last mile was a run. The rain cleared in time for paddle boarding in Kettle Cove, and we spent nearly 90 minutes tooling around that inlet. I did my best to not fall in. Maine isn’t known for its warm water, but my balance leaves a bit to be desired…

Walking around on the sand, plus my new inserts, must have helped because my heel felt slightly better today, so I went back to the lighthouse. 3.52 miles in 35 minutes. Running in Maine is hilly, so this was a bit of a challenge, but I actually enjoyed the rolling quality to these hills. A good run.

I’ll post some photos later. Can’t quite figure out how to get the photos from the phone to the iPad to the app. And right now I’m having too much non-virtual fun to care…

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