Musings on Juneathon, and so much more

We’re back from Vacationland, and for me, just in time to re-pack my suitcase for Indianapolis (!). The washing machine’s spinning at full blast, and I’ve got a few minutes to sit back and recollect on my Juneathon effort.

I LOVED JUNEATHON! So much fun.  Coming off an injury (boot came off on May 31), I wasn’t sure how much I’d be able to participate with regards to the running, but I figured the Juneathon obligation would keep me motivated and happy with body weight and kettlebell workouts.  And it did.  Particpating also made me realize that almost every runner experiences some sort of injury that keeps them out of the game for a bit.  I am a newer runner, so this first injury felt like a slap in the face.  Now I realize that it’s not a deal breaker, and it gives you ample time to sample other activities under the guise of “cross training.” So thanks HennieMavis and others for bringing that truth home for me.

I also gained a HUGE amount of respect for all the Juneathoners who put up with their completely craptastic weather–so much so that on my 2nd workout in Maine, I didn’t even bother to hurry home when the skies opened up.  I vow to keep my mouth shut about the weather until Janathon–only then may I have something to complain about.

I am also so impressed with everyone’s effort–from jogblog who organizes the entire project, to all the -athoners who are diligent and serious runners (random ultra newbie!), but who also can poke fun at themselves (like linswoo!), and who are all really entertaining and interesting writers (so many I can’t even begin to mention and link…).  It’s been a real pleasure to read everyone else’s blog posts.  As a result of Juneathon, I now have more running blogs in my reader than knitting blogs.  

While I know my NJ friends will be glad to have me stop talking about Juneathon and relating all the great posts, I think I will miss this “festival” a lot.  So thanks to all the Juneathoners who made this past month so enjoyable–I can’t wait til January!

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