So good to be home

I live in a state (NJ) that has a lot NOT going for it–from it’s lack of its own media market (being sandwiched between NY and Phily) to the trainwreck aka The Jersey Shore, my state is often maligned. 

The one thing going for NJ, though, is its runners greet each other. This morning I headed out for my 3 mile loop, and every runner and cyclist I passed on the way either nodded, waved, or called out ‘good morning.’  Not the case in Indianapolis.  Which I found so strange.  The service people there were uber-nice–friendly with advice and good cheer.  The runners, though?  Different story. Nobody waved or nodded or said ‘good morning.’ NOBODY.  Maybe because it was a running trail and these folks were all so expert?  Or it’s a city therefore people appreciate their anonimity? I’m not quite sure of the reason, but I’ve got to say, although I’m not a fan of superficial greetings, I do appreciate the early morning comraderie of the wave of the hand, or nod of the head.  It’s a bit of a boost at 6am.

So good to be home amongst my peeps!

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