This has become a private joke between a coworker and myself.  His goal: to run half marathons in all 50 states before he’s 40.  Since I’m beyond 40, I eschewed any sort of goal, but somehow I’ve still gotten all caught up in this running habit.

So Sunday, coworker will be in Chicago to check Illinois off his list, and I’ll be in Maine, just because it’s beautiful, my brother lives there, and I need to pick up Thing 2 from his house. 


Does not mean go out for Happy Hour that starts at 11am on the day before a race (as we did in Phoenix).


Since our races are on Sunday, that means we should both be “tapering” now.  Honestly, I think I’ve been tapering since my boot came off May 31.  Which makes me slightly nervous–having trained for (and then pulled out of) the NJ Half Marathon, I now know what being in good form for a race is all about.  And I’m not there.  But I’m “tapering” anyways.  However, I spoke to my sister last night (she’s running with me), and it appears as though she’s been “tapering” for quite a while as well.

This will be interesting. 

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