knitting & running all in the same post.  I’ll try to somehow make the connection…

1. I got my road ID today. It’s been on my mind to get one ever since I took a horrible spill while running after the freak snow storm last October, and as I chased down my phone (which had fallen out of my hands), I had to scamper out of an oncoming car’s way. This was totally a bonehead move on my part (no phone is worth a life, or even an accident), but it made me realize that if I’m going to be running in the wee hours of the morning, then I need some sort of ID.

a few observations: I think I have the smallest wrists in the world.  I’m nearly 6′ tall, but I had to go with a size S. It makes me feel slightly frail. Second, I’m fairly healthy–I didn’t have ANY medical history for the ID, so I left it at NKA (no known allergies) and that my blood type is O neg.  which means that if I get splattered across the road in some sort of accident, my blood can be used to help everyone else. But I’m in love with the cheery yellow and the security.

which brings me to bedford. I have a feeling this sweater is going to become my security blanket of a sweater this winter.  My go-to “it’s so cold” sweater. My “it’s too warm for a winter coat, but I need another layer” sweater. My “let’s just snuggle” sweater.

but right now?  Well, if I can be so clever as to make an analogy to the half marathon, we’re at the 4 mile point. We’ve yet to hit the wall, but it’s coming up.  This sweater is on fairly large needles (US 7s) with a thick enough yarn, but it’s taking for-freakin’-ever to knit. And it will seem that way until I get to 10″, then it will fly.  So I’ll continue to plug  along.  I do have to add, though, that competitions such as the balance beam and pommel horse do nothing for knitting time.  I think I got all of 1 stitch done during the US’ women’s gymnastics team competition the other night.


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