Groundhog’s Day

Nope, it’s not Feb 2, it’s August 5 (happy birthday Todd), but somehow I find myself back in Indiana.  This time in the northwest corner of the state–South Bend.

South Bend is famous for:


which was the sign I came across on my run today. 

We (Things 2 & 3 and I ) had an uneventful drive from NJ, pulling into South Bend at just a little past 6pm.  The skies opened up just a few miles before we got to the hotel, and as we were unpacking from the car, these sirens started screeching.  Sirens that you don’t usually hear in NJ.  But something deep down inside of my pool of knowledge thought maybe these were tornado warning sirens, and they were.  So we nixed plans to find a place to eat in town and stayed right in our hotel.  The evening passed uneventfully, but what a storm!

I wanted to wake up today for a long run, but instead I woke up to more thunder, lightening and pouring rain. So I headed to the hotel’s gym where it took me FOREVER to figure out how to work the treadmill and once I got on, the hotel lost power.  sigh.

By the time the power came back on, the rain had stopped, so I thought i’d move outside.  I had mapped out a long run, but after the frustration of the treadmill, I halved that route into a 4 mile loop, and started along my way.  The first 1.5 miles had no shoulder or sidewalk, and I got splashed twice by oncoming cars.  Head to toe splashed. Sorta gross.  But I shook that off and got in my groove, and settled into my run.  But wait–where was “Phil” (my app’s encouraging pace keeper)?  Damn it.  I forgot to hit start.  Which got me out of my groove and more focused on the awful humidity and my thirst.  (frustration can be thirsty).  But I finished my run, sweating profusely.  I figure about 4 miles, but who knows.  at this point, who cares?

Tomorrow I’ll aim for twice around that same loop.  and bring water. 

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