Home at last

It feels like I’ve been on the run (figuratively, that is) since mid-June.  Finally, yesterday after a 14 hour trip from Chicago, Things 2, 3 and I reached home.

We stopped off in Illinois after visiting South Bend for a work-related event and to stop by Chez Kip.  Although it was a short visit, we got a lot out of Illinois.  Especially in Naperville, where we visited the Naperville Settlement because i had forgotten about the time change and we arrived an hour too early for my event.

I need to add, I am a SUCKER for living history museums.  And although we only had about 30 minutes to spend at the Naperville Settlement, it was FANTASTIC! The exhibits were well-staffed by knowledgable employees and volunteers.  Things 2 & 3 were duly impressed.  


(This is Thing 3 pumping water for the parched tomatoes in the garden).  We visited an 19th century blacksmith and print shop as well.  

After Naperville, we made our way into Chicago and Navy Pier.  Thing 3 had been in Chicago just about a month ago, so she took some pride in being able to direct her older sister around.  She also rode the flying swing.  Which made me swallow my heart.  I am one of those parents who hates seeing her children hurtled through the air…


We stopped off at Roots for dinner, where Thing 3 proved once again that summer vacation is far too long…


Now we’re back in good ‘ole NJ for the remaining 3 weeks of summer.  I wish I was staying put, but on the 19th I’m headed up to Providence for the Rock ‘n Roll half marathon, and then into Brooklyn for the NYC Color Run.  

And on the knitting front, i’m still cranking away on Bedford.  


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