Knit Olympic (cough cough) fail

I’m sorta ashamed to admit to this, but for the first time ever (I think), I did NOT meet a knitting goal.  It could have been the 28 hours of driving I was saddled with in the middle of the events, or that the pattern wasn’t as easy-peasy as I thought it might be, or that I thought I might be short of yarn, but whatever…Bedford remains on the needles.


I’m not sure how I feel about this.  Knitting for me is a “project” craft, not a “process” craft.  Therefore, I take time with my projects, and not finishing a project within a self-imposed deadline determined by the IOC really means nothing.  I know I will finish this sweater.  I’m thrilled with how it looks, and in fact, tonight I’m casting on for the arms (as soon as I find the correct needles).

But what I’m finding difficult to conceive is that I’m not knitting every night.  I used to sit for 2-3 hours per night, churning out project after project.  Now (and it wasn’t the excitement of the Olympics that started this), I’m too tired.  By the time dinner is finished, the kitchen cleaned, lunches for tomorrow made, I just want to pop myself into bed.  Granted this is about 10pm, but back in the day (2, 3 years ago?), I was up til midnight or later knitting away.  Granted, back in the day, I wasn’t getting up at 5:15 am for my morning run, but….

I’m not ready to sacrifice my morning run for my evening knitting time.  There’s got to be a happy medium.


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