Not that i’m riding some purist bandwagon or anything of the sort, but…

I can’t express in words how excited I am about my new wool underwear.  This has been one hot, steamy, stinky summer for running. Granted, I’ve only been doing this for about a year, but last summer, Kristen & I plodded along in our cotton shorts and cotton tank tops (but awesome shoes).  And we sweat up a storm. But we weren’t stinky.

A year later, I am the proud owner of TONS of technical gear for running.  I’ve got my performance tanks and tees, shorts, skirts, and capris.  I’ve got fancy right/left foot-designated socks.  I’ve got a kajillion apps on my phone, and fancy pants ear buds that promise to not fall out.  I’ve got all this, and . . . I STINK!

Not my running (well, I could always be faster, have a more even gait, etc.), but no, that’s not it. I actually SMELL to high heaven.  Even after a measly 3 mile easy run, where I barely break a sweat, I SMELL.  Except for my feet.

And I realized the reason my feet don’t smell is that I wear smartwool socks.  (disclaimer: this is not a product review. I bought my socks with my own $. and I know there are plenty of other brands of wool socks out there). I’ve always loved wool socks.  I make plenty of my own.  And if I don’t have time to whip up a pair, then I buy smartwool socks. Needless to say, I was so pleased to see they made athletic socks in addition to their casual socks.

Anyhoo–my feet haven’t stunk this summer, even on the hotest of days, and as unscientific as it sounds, I’m attributing that to the wool.  Not only does it wick, it’s naturally antimicrobial.  Which I already knew, having run my own yarn shop in a previous life.  So last week, I put my money where my mind was, bit the bullet, and bought some wool athletic underwear (from Stoic and Icebreakeribex and smartwool didn’t have my size).  (It’s not cheap). Woot! It arrived just in time for Providence! And I know it’s not good form to wear new clothing for the first time when racing, so I gave it a test run this morning.

I’m in love.

Granted, it wasn’t so humid this morning, but it was in the low 70s, and I was sweating.  And maybe I’m biased because I just spent a small fortune on wool underwear, but I felt drier.  I tested out the Icebreaker pair, and since I bought 2 pair, I’ll use the others for the Providence run.  I’m thinking this is a good idea, because the race time forecast is actually for rain in the mid 50s, so the woolies may keep me from getting too chilly afterwards.

now to wait for these suckers to go on sale…

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