NYC Color Run

The 5am wake-up call wasn’t a shock.  I had actually been awake already for a few minutes.  Race days are like that, I’m learning.  Even for “fun” runs.

Here are my coworker and I at the venue waiting on our peeps. Notice the nice white shirts. and pristine sweatbands.


and here we are, with our peeps, 5k later:


and yes, it was fun.

This was a walk/run in the truest sense of the word–there were over 12,000 runners people moving their way through the crowd.  Some were skipping, some were dancing, some were trotting, some running, and many were walking and throwing the colored chalk (corn starch and color dye).  There were no chips, no timers, but there were water stations (which was good because it got quite humid).  And an awesome DJ at the end.

All things considered (far away venue, early wake-up)  a good time was had was had by all!

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