New treat



(sigh of happiness).  This is going to sound really superficial, but I. LOVE. RUNNING. GEAR. Or better yet-I love BUYING NEW running gear.

And I was so excited last week when my knees started aching, because that meant I was in the market for a new pair of running shoes.  Sure ’nuff–when I checked my Log Your Run app, I have 387 miles on my good ‘ole Sauconys.

I’ve read plenty of pros and cons re: replacing running shoes frequently.  Some believe that you should be able to get many more than 500 miles out of your shoes.  Others believe that the shoes are shot earlier.  I let my knees do the talking.  And they’re fairly consistent in that they start to complain at about 350 miles.   And I listen to my knees, because for all my faults and twinges and niggliness in my feet and hips, my knees have given me no problems whatsoever (knocking vehemently on wood right now).  I want to keep it that way.  So when they ache, I look for my wallet and head on up to my Local Running Store to make them happy.

My old shoes are no longer being made by Saucony, and the newest rendition, the ProGlide 5, felt great, but I have been reading about Mizuno and their Mezamashii project, so I tried a on a pair.  I love the way they felt–I like a tight grip around my ankles and these felt really secure.

But the best is that I think they made me run faster.  Do you remember as a kid thinking you ran faster in your new sneakers?  Well, this morning I laced them up for my first run, I just took off.  Now, I’m no speed demon.  If anything, you could set a watch to my pace.  I run a 10 minute mile.  Sometimes a wee bit faster, sometimes a wee bit slower.  But I have one pace, and that’s 10 min/mile.  This morning though, at the 5 mile mark I was at 45:30 (ish).  I finished 5.6 miles at 50:37.  Insanely fast (for me)!

We’ll see how my 2nd run goes.



  1. I LOVE new shoes! Waiting for a pair to be shipped from RoadRunnerSports tomorrow and giddy thinking about lacing them up for their maiden voyage! My feet tell me I need new shoes even before the pain travels up to my knees.

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