of the disappearing kind…

but not running mojo.  nope.  knitting mojo.

Betcha didn’t even know that knitting had mojo.

Well, I had knitting mojo, but somehow, somewhere it disappeared this year. I think my knitting mojo left because it’s jealous of my running mojo and the amount of time my new hobby has absorbed. Yep, time spent on Ravelry and knitting blogs and dollars spent on yarn has been replaced by time spent on running blogs and money spent on tech gear.

Most of the missing mojo seems to be centered around my stupid ball winder. I’ve had so much trouble with this tool lately that I can’t even call it a tool anymore.  It wastes too much of my time.


Granted, I’m not using a swift, but for crying out loud, I’ve had more tangles this year than in all my years as a yarn store owner.

Today’s mess is courtesy of the yarn I’m using for Bedford. I needed to start a new skein for the 2nd sleeve.  My goal was to finish this sucker by 9/1.  I’m revising that to 9/3.  I.  Will. Be. Done. By. Labor. Day.

The yarn is some handspun I picked up at the Vermont Sheep & Wool festival last fall.  I LOVE this yarn, but something funny happened on the way from the hank to the ball:


It kept breaking (cue: missing mojo).  Not quite sure what’s up with that–the previous 3 skeins were fine.  And it wasn’t because I had mistakenly cut through the hank when I opened it for winding.  You know why?  Because I lost my knit kit.  Yep–that pencil case that holds my scissors, stitch holders, tape measure, stitch markers, crochet hook, pompom maker, tapestry needle, etc.  Gone.  All gone.  Some of these tools I’ve had since college, and I’m just beside myself that my blue plastic Susan Bates tapestry needle is gone.  (c’mon back mojo–I need you.  And that damn tapestry needle).

Here’s where I am on Bedford.  I’m making the XS (it’s oversized) to fit my narrow shoulders and back, but I need extra length in the arms and torso.  I’m thinking I might have to rip back slightly and put another inch or so in the body.  Right now it’s 15.5″ long.


There’s my Bedford in all its glory, and there’s my carpenter’s tape measure because I can’t find my soft sheep one.

Oh mojo, please find your way back home! I promise–more time knitting! (maybe)

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