Verona Labor Day Classic

In my head I consider myself more of a long distance runner.  Long meaning 13.1 miles.  I’m not a sprinter. There’s not much in this world that can convince me to move fast.

But now I’m part of the Essex Running Club, and there are a few local races that our club helps out with.  One of those races is the Verona Labor Day Classic.  So this year I thought I’d participate, and I dragged the Mister and Things 2 & 3 along for the ride.  The Mister has started running again, and Thing 3 made us a great sign:


I’m pleased with how I did in this race.  It was my first timed 5k.  I run at a 10 min/mile, but I really wanted to break 29 minutes for this race.  I don’t have the official race results yet, but when I crossed the finish line, the clock time was 26:58.  Which pleases me to no end.  I feel like a speed demon!  And I had to stop at mile 1 to re-tie my shoes!

The course was great.  The first mile was an uphill-ish mile with a big-ish hill between the half mile and 3/4 mile points.  But after the first mile, the course evens out, and then from mile 1.5 to 2.5 it’s mostly downhill, and then there’s a slight incline before entering into the park (which is again at a slight decline).  So the hill is a challenge, and the steep downhill (countering the steep uphill) is also a challenge (to not fall on your face), but I think in general, this is a fun and fast course.

I also enjoyed this race because of the running club and all the new, friendly faces I recognized.  Although I don’t have a running club race singlet (yet!), I got cheers from some of the members who were volunteering.  It was also great to see my girls’ faces near the finish line (and Thing 3’s awesome Rainbow Dash sign).  Since most of my races have been out of town, I haven’t had the pleasure of having friends and family cheer from the sidelines–boy, let me tell you, it’s sooooo nice to hear cheers specifically for you!

An excellent cap to an excellent summer…

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