one step forward…

two steps back.

I finally kicked the heel issue, had a few good weeks of solid running, and now my gluteus medius is pulled. (at least that’s the diagnosis i’ve gotten).  I jumped the gun twice, and tried to run between PT sessions.  It’s just set me back.  But it’s soooo hard to not run days as beautiful as the ones we’re having in NY/NJ right now.

Here’s what I’m anxious about: Reach the Beach in 4 weeks. I know I can do my 3 legs (they’re 3.5, 3.8 and 5.7 miles each).  But I want to get in at least a solid 3 weeks of good, hard practice in beforehand.  I’m the weak link on the team, and I just want to hold my own.

My goals for this fall were the Reach the Beach, the Philly half marathon, and the Ashenfelter 8k (it’s in my home town, and I’ve NEVER run it before!).  Now I’m re-thinking this all.

And in the meanwhile, I’m doing daily glute medi and maxi strengthening exercises and stretching.  And of course, there’s the elliptical.

It’s not nearly as much fun as running though…

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