I feel like I’ve been “resting” this whole entire year.  Injuries have sidelined me for the better part of the best running times of the year, late spring and fall, here in NJ.

C’mon, really, I feel as though I’m due a break.  I do my stretching. I do my body-weight strengthening. I tried to be smart about my return to running after the heel stress fracture, so why the hip?  So. Not. Fair.

I’m trying to be positive, but honestly, it’s hard.  And yes, I know this is a first world problem I’m having here (my hip may hurt, but at least I have one, and I can grouse on the interwebs, and it’s not like it won’t get better, and I’ve got insurance to deal with it all). But the part that’s frustrating to me is that I don’t know where to turn. Am I just being impatient? Do I wait? Do I ask for a referral to a specialist? And if so, what kind? An orthopedist? A sports doc? A chiropractor?  I want to be more aggressive about this, but there’s no roadmap for this…

Even more frustrating is that two weeks ago (two days before my injury actually), I actually made a huge (for me) investment in my running.  I hired a coach.  He lives in another state, but I hired him to create a training plan for Philly that would incorporate RTB and get me set for Surf City (the first of my 2013 races that I want to do).  The plan is AMAZING! At least on paper.  I have yet to be able to do any of it, and the longer this injury takes to heal, the more I’m thinking I’ll have to scrap it.



  1. Not really knowing how the medical system works in the U.S. In Canada, I’d start with my own doctor (GP), and then go from there. She might get some initial tests done, or refer me to a sports doctor as she has done so in the past. Best of luck to you. Hope you get it worked out. Do you think it’s your IT band or other?

    • That was good advice (and what i was leaning toward). I saw my GP today and i’m glad. he sent me for an xray (and they fit me in immediately) and referred me to a sports orthopedist. it’s not my IT band, it’s got something to do with either my psaos and glute medius. (just what i need–a butt injury!). But since my GP is a runner, he totally understood my frustration with the slow healing. kuddos to him for that.

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