whoopie pies

whoopie pies

whoopie pies!

Today I bit the bullet and re-visited my GP re: my hip.  I felt silly visiting with such a loosey-goosey complaint, but I had also just gotten a letter from my insurance saying that they were discontinuing my PT after 5 sessions (and I tap out at 5 on Friday), and that I’d need my doctor’s recommendation to continue.

I’m not so sure I need to continue.  I’m doing most of the exercises at home on my own.  If anything good comes of this, it will be that I have a butt of steel.

I’m glad I saw my PT though.  He agreed that I wasn’t healing as quickly as I should be. He sent me off for x-rays and with a referral to a sports orthopedist.  Lucky for me, an x-ray appt was available in the afternoon, and the sports doc had an opening Saturday morning.  So although physically nothing as changed, mentally, I’m doing much better.  I feel in control.

And the fact that it’s raining horribly makes me happy that at least if I can’t run, no one else can either. (i know, i know, rotten thoughts will get me nowhere, but…it’s so hard to see other people out there running when I can’t!)

My good mood spread over to dinner and snacks.  I whipped up some lasagna, and then whoopie pies and caramel apples.  My kids must have been thinking “who’s this woman and what did she do with our mother…” But I didn’t hear any complaints!




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