are approaching.  And some are harder to ignore than others.  Specifically, the impending birth of a coworker’s baby.  The shower is next Tuesday.  Here’s what I’m knitting.  I’m done with the squares.  Now I need to block them, sew them together, and then, because i’m fancy like that, I’m adding batting and a fabric back to this blanket.  And here’s what I’m going to knit with the left-over yarn from the blanket (I’ve got a TON of the cream leftover). Will I finish in time. Mostly likely not.  Oh well.  The baby doesn’t actually get here til December, but the shower (and all the ohs and ahs) will be here on Tuesday.  Next. Tuesday.

Good thing I haven’t been running.  Except that I did, today. 2.5 miles. slowly. moderately painfully. But it was so freakin’ awful to see on my Daily Mile account no activity for the past 7 days.  I caved.  The good thing about the run? 1. I could still run. putting one foot in front of the other, without falling apart. 2. the pain was consistent the entire time. It didn’t go away, but it didn’t get worse.  and 3. the original site of the pain actually felt ok.  the remaining pain/discomfort is in a different location, and I wanted to pinpoint that before I went to the sports orthopedist.  which is Saturday. Which means that maybe I’ll get in another run before then….

except I’ve got deadlines–seriously knitting deadlines…



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