Good day!

for both running and knitting:

on the knitting side:

pop complete


My Pop is a bit smaller than some of the others, but I had an ulterior plan.  I’m not a fan of blankets with a wrong side, so I dug out some aqua flannel and quilt batting with the idea that this could be a cute little pad for some tummy time, or it could be a blanket for chilly city walks, or in a winter-time, not quite-warmed-up-yet car.  To tack it down, I brought the tail from the center of the circle through the batting and fabric and made french knots.  I did the same with the tails at the intersections where 4 squares met.  I then hand-sewed the hem to the front of the blanket.

And on the running side:  I ran short bits on Wednesday and Friday.  Saturday I got to see the new sports orthopedist.  Super nice guy (and a runner)!.  Not that I’m biased, but sometimes it’s nice to be seen by someone who understands how hard it is to be sitting out.  He believes that my hip issue is an aductor strain, and I got some different stretches and exercises to do.  And he told me that I could continue to run.  And he prescribed a stronger, more effective anti-inflammatory. And (and this is a kicker), he showed me (on my xray) that my hips had significant arthritis.  Which totally blew me away. Mostly because I don’t (typically) have any hip pain or stiffness.  And he said that there are some people with significant arthritis and no pain, and those with just a tiny bit, and significant pain.

What can I do about this? Nothing, except to maintain my vitamin D levels.

This vitamin D thing…it’s turning into a much bigger deal than I ever expected…

But, after a Saturday evening party with my RTB NJ teammates (far too many beers were consumed), I hauled myself out of bed early Sunday for my first long run in about 3 weeks.  8.19 miles and boy was it great!

All in all, there was too much going on to do my typical internet research on medical issues.  Which is a probably a good thing.

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