Hitting my stride

I love it when my worlds are in sync.  When everything’s on the uptick. After several false starts and project fails, my knitting is back on track.  Here’s what’s going on the needles tonight. I’ll be making the size S, which calls for 560 yards of bulky weight yarn.  And guess what? All stars have aligned and in my stash I’ve got 560 yards (exactly) of (what I’m hoping is) bulky weight yarn.  Gauge swatching to follow after Thing 3 goes to bed.

And in running, I’m on week 3 of my training plan, and things are working out with the hip.  It’s still a tad sore, but between the stretching, icing, and magic pills anti-inflammatories, it seems to be working itself out.  Moreover, just as I thought, knowing that I’m accountable to a coach and a plan motivates me.  Tuesday, my plan called for 6 miles with 8 strides.  First, I had to look up what “strides” meant.  Then while running, I lost count of how many I had done.  I thought I was on 7, but maybe it was 8, so I actually did 2 more for good measure because the plan said 8, not 6 or 7, but 8, so that’s what I needed to do.

Even better, this morning I was supposed to run 5 miles at a recovery pace.  This may be TMI, but Tuesday night I had a huge rodizio meal which didn’t quite finish digesting by morning.  At mile 3, my stomach started rumbling, and by 3.5, I decided to head towards home to avoid an incident.  I was disappointed because I knew the minute I stepped back into my house, I’d get subsumed by mother-work–loading dishes, fixing breakfast, folding clean clothes–and my plan called for 5 miles, not 3.5.  But yeah! The running gods were with me, and 2 blocks before home I passed by a bank’s construction site and woo-hoo, there were porta-johns that were CLEAN!  I hopped in, hopped out, and finished by 5 miles without incident.

LOVE. IT. when my worlds are working with me!


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