Week 3, or is that week 1?

According to my training plan, I’ve just finished up with week 3, but in terms of actual running, it’s the first complete week I’ve finished (thanks to gimpy hip), and it was 29 miles! The most I’ve ever run in a week ever!

And today was my 9 mile long run, and I have to say, I finished with gas in the tank–I had energy and strength to go further.  I got slightly derailed in the park when I stopped for water to help swallow my sports beans and reset my nike+ running app, but I just reset it and plowed through it.

This felt good.  Typically by mile 5, my hip flexors and hammies start to bother me a bit, but all the stretching and strengthening exercises must be paying off, because there was not a niggle to be felt.

On the down side–said hip injury happened and delayed my registering for the Philly half marathon, and by the time I felt better and decided to go for it, it was full.  I was going to forgo a fall half, but then there’s a new one in Trenton the week before Philly, so I may bite the bullet and take the plunge.



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