Crunch time

It’s crunch time, in so many ways…

1. co-worker’s 2nd baby shower is in 20 days.  Still working on this (using up the yarn I had left over from Pop).  However, my knitting ADHD/startitis problem has derailed said baby sweater.  must.get.back.on.track.

2. WORK IS CRAZY! It is every fall, and I know better than to think otherwise.  For crying out loud, the program I manage is called “Christmas at Sea.” Duh, when else would it be busy? This year, though, the general busy-ness is compounded by a spur of the moment trip to Houston in mid-October (maybe coupled with a stopover in NO,La) and a planned trip to Paducah, Kentucky in December.  The best part about traveling for work? Running in a new city!

3. Reach the Beach is next weekend! OMG! It’s just sinking in…that I’ll be running a lot, within a short time frame, on tired legs.  Today I tried to mimic that with my training plan.  Yesterday called for 5 recovery miles and today was 7 miles with 10 strides.  My planned Tuesday night run was a interval/speedwork, so I flipped the targets of the two runs, hitting 4+ miles last night but recovering over 7 this morning.  Boy, was I tired this morning.  The two runs were less than 9 hours apart.  Last night’s speedwork consisted of “Indians,” where we were lined up (10 of us) and the last person in line had to sprint to the front.  All 10 of us ran the first mile using this technique, but then some dropped for the 2nd mile. I kept going, but dropped after the 1.5 mile point (stomach issues, and the pace was a bit too fast for me).  I liked doing the speedwork in this format though; a bit more interesting that using my watch.

The best part about crunch time, though, is successfully getting through it!  Yeah, right now is busy, sometimes stressful, and a scheduling/logistical challenge, but when all is said and done, there’s such a feeling of accomplishment.

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