Reach the Beach comes with a handbook (many, many pages) and a whole slew of mandatory safety devices. My headlamp arrived today.  It’s from Petzl and called the Tikkina.

My review doesn’t even come close to DC Rainmaker‘s.  But here it goes:

  • Packing: clamshell (ugh!) I always nearly slice off my fingers trying to open these suckers.
  • Color: green. That’s why I picked it.
  • Efficacy: It’s quite bright, at least inside my house. And it has two levels of bright: very bright and not quite as  bright.  Tomorrow I’ll test it outside on a run.  Supposedly, it shines as distance of 23m.
  • Other Uses: method of interrogation! Boy,  I think I enjoyed this feature the most.  At dinner, I wore the headlamp and questioned all three Things on their school days.  I got more answers tonight than I have all year!

So far I’m pleased.  I’m not sure how I’ll feel with this on my head while running, but it’s good to have because now it’s just too dark in both the wee hours and evenings to run safely without some sort of light. But it definitely eats into the cool factor, although I guess being alive is much cooler than getting hit by a car.


One comment

  1. As I keep laying in bed waiting for the sun to rise so that I can go out running maybe I should consider buying a headlamp too.. And actually, I don’t think you look silly at all with it!
    Safe is cool. Don’t let anything keep us from running 🙂

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