Eyes on the prize

“eyes on the prize.” The prize being RTB on Friday.

And why do i need to keep my eyes on said prize? Because I really think I tend to sabotage my training.

I visited the orthopedist 9/22, and the following week, I went out and ran 29 miles.  My highest mileage week ever.  But it felt good. I still had some hip stiffness during the runs at the beginning of the week, but I finished up my week with 9 miles feeling GREAT.  And this week started off so well, until yesterday.  My coach’s training plan called for Friday rest, Saturday 7 (slow & easy), Sunday rest.  My group, though, meets for long runs on Sunday, and I enjoy the company so much.  This week’s schedule was 10.  So, I thought, given that I had to work Saturday, that I would do two slow days–4 on Saturday and the 10 today.

The aftermath of the Saturday’s run was a mess.  My heel (right heel, of course), felt AWFUL, and my hammies, hip flexors , and dammit my butt (!) were tight. I was gimpy for the rest of the day. I took my magic pills anti-inflammatories, iced the heel, but to no avail.  Dreams of a dashed RTB ensued.  Saturday night, the Mister massaged my calves, and I woke Sunday RIGHT AS RAIN! OMG! The Mister earned his keep for yet another day!

But I should have paid more attention to the hammies and hip flexor, because, like a fool, I headed out with my group for the 10 miles easy run.  Two 5 mile loops.  And I had to quit after the first five. That’s a first for me–usually I will suck it up and finish.  But the entire 5 miles were uncomfortable, and I do. not. want. to. put. RTB. in. jeopardy. Repeat: DO NOT! So after the first loop I headed home.

In some ways, I feel as though I’m maturing as a runner.  I’m at the 13 month mark since the start of this journey, and I think I’m better at seeing the big picture.  All my goals are just that–my goals–and I can prioritize them according to my health, my motivation, my gut feelings.  Right now, RTB is important–I am a team sport person (which is why this whole running thing sometimes feels so odd)–and these relay races are definitely ‘team’ oriented.  I want to continue to do these.  Most likely at the expense of doing 4 half marathons/year (an initial goal).

So my plan, as I sit here at my table with my hip just SCREAMING at me? Calling my GP tomorrow.  Asking for a PT referral to a different PTist that I met today (running PTist, of course). Will try to sneak in for some PT before RTB, but not going crazy if that doesn’t happen.  Continuing to stretch, ice, take magic pills. Maybe no running, even. We leave for RTB on Friday morning.  I know I can do my legs.

But here’s my goal–find a PT/doc/ortho person who can create a strengthening program for me.  I’m old, but not that old, and it kills me to see people decades older than I am out there running with much fewer issues.  More importantly, I don’t want to be that misshapen old lady in 25 years.  I know I’ve got arthritis in my hip, and have to watch my vitamin D and calcium.  If I can just get stronger, I know I can continue to run, and run strong and healthy, for as long as I want.


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