although I should be counting backwards from 10–yep–Reach the Beach is tomorrow.

I’ve been told by Tommy (team captain) “we pack pretty light,” so I’ve limited myself to one tote bag.  Here’s what’s inside:


the safety stuff: RoadID, headlamp, reflecting lights, reflecting mittens, iPhone case (although can’t use the headphones on this race), KT tape.  More on that later.

and this:


yep, cold meds.  Because of course I started sneezing and wheezing and sniffling two nights ago.  Have to say–the Cold Eeze is really effective.  Feeling much better today.



Two pair running shoes (i’ll be wearing one, the 2nd goes in the bag) and 4 pair smartwool socks.  My fave socks in the world.


Leg 1 outfit: estimated start time for me: 4:30pm. I’ll be wearing a waffled saucony long sleeve half zip with a tech t-shirt underneath, and capris.


Leg 2: estimated start time 1:25am. Long sleeve heat-tech shirt from uniqlo, orange saucony half-zip and long tights. Temps should be in the 30s.  I’ve got a wool hat for my head.


Leg 3: estimated start time: 1:13pm.  Long sleeve half zip with yellow short sleeve tech shirt underneath.  black capris.  Depending on the temps, I’ll either ditch the long sleeve or the tech shirt.


For the cold I’ve got my smart wool jacket (black) and Chaleur and some cashmere leggings. I think I’ll be fine.

Oh, and last, but not least:


My knitting–two fingerless mitt patterns.  Both are cashmere. I’ll bet I’m the only one on the team who has to make room for a knitting project. But of the 26 or so hours that we’ll be running, I’m only responsible for about 2 of them, so that’s a whole lotta time that I can work on something.

I’m packed and ready to go, but still quite nervous.  My right hip and hamstring are not behaving even with 3 full days’ rest, and this morning’s run, while not painful, wasn’t pleasant. I’m not so worried about legs 1 and 2–they’re in the 3 mile range.  It’s the 3 leg: 5.7 miles that’s giving me second thoughts.  So i’ve got my magic pills, more ibuprofen, and salonpas packed with the cold meds.  And I’ve wrapped my leg. and now i’m left hoping for magic!

You’ll hear from me on the road…


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