I’m a little bit excited…

for this!

Next week I’m traveling to Houston to visit our Maritime Education Center (and help out with an event we’re hosting there), and then I’m moving onto NOLA to meet with some churches that are interested in helping out with my program.

I’m not going to get much time for running (although I have mapped out a few routes from my Houston hotel), but on a whim I googled NOLA running tours, and voila!  Now I’m only in NOLA for one full day, and that morning will be chock full of meetings, so the only time I had for a potential run was the afternoon.  Luckily for me, the company agreed to do a “private” tour (their daily tours start at 9am) at 5pm.  Woot for flexibility!

I’m doing an increasing amount of solo travel, and I resolved this past year to move beyond my hotel (and comfort zone).  While only having an afternoon available to see a city certainly is no substitute for a long trip, I think running there, and meeting some NOLA residents and runners is 100% better than watching TV in my hotel room and ordering room service.   This tour is a 10k, and if I can run a 10k on my own (well, while on tour), I most certainly can ask for a ‘table for one’ at one of the city’s fine restaurants.

Can. Not. Wait!

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