NOLA, Where to begin

maybe at the beginning?

My day in NOLA actually started in Covington, LA with this :

Yep. Breakfast in bed. And then we moved along to:


TURTLE soup! My hosts took me to Mr. Ed’s Seafood and Italian restaurant, and mentioned the turtle soup was one of the best five he had eaten.  I’ve never eaten turtle soup before, but have to say this certainly set the bar pretty high.

And then later on, this:


Char-broiled oysters at Drago’s.  These came highly recommended by a colleague.  And I’m glad I trusted him.  For the record, I got a dozen of these, and a dozen raw ones, you know, to cleanse my palate.

In between eating, I visited with some Christmas at Sea partners in the NOLA area–Trinity Church and St. Paul’s Lakeview.  Both were wonderful churches, and the deacons who hosted my visit were so generous with their time and stories.  Both churches are known for their stained glass windows, and although my shots are lousy, here’s a glimpse:



Of course, none of my trips come without a bit of the bizarre.  On our way from Trinity to St. Paul’s, my host and I saw a small dog escape his leash and get run over by a larger SUV.  The SUV tried to stop, but really had no option.  The dog was one of those tiny city dogs, 6 lbs or so, and the owner was so distraught.  He rushed into the road and picked up the dog and then was just walking in circles.  Meanwhile, a man across the street was yelling obscenities at the owner for not having the dog on the leash.  My host and I made the decision to stop, and put the dog owner in our car so that we could find a vet.  Luckily, one was close by (oh, that god for google and the interwebs), and we were able to get the man and his dog there in about 7 minutes or so.  We left them there, but my host gave the man her card so that if he had any issues, he could call.  When we arrived at St. Paul’s we decided to call to see if there was any outcome (and if the owner needed help with his bill). Sadly, the dog did not make it, and kindly, the vet did not charge the man to put the dog down.

On a brighter note, I was able to take part in a running tour of the city, courtesy of New Orleans Jogging Tours.  This was a first time experience for me, and it’s one I’ll look to repeat as I visit other cities. My guide, Mac, started this company a few months ago. A former bus tour guide, he started running so that he looked less like the bus he was driving.  Since he already had the tour guide experience, he knew lots about the city, and our tour took us through the French Quarter, Garden District and Warehouse District.  It was informative and delightful.  At some points we only ran a few blocks between sites, and in other areas, we had longer runs with fewer interruptions.  A great experience.  Mac took photos, and once I get them, I’ll post them with a better recap.

I wish I had had more time, and now I’m just counting the days until I can visit again.

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