New Orleans Jogging Tours

I’m not a big fan of the word “jogging,” but as I mentioned before, when I was in NOLA I was looking for a running tour.  The first company I contacted NOLA Running Tours, wasn’t able to accommodate my schedule.  They recommended New Orleans Jogging Tours, and Mac (the owner) was.

This was a totally worthwhile way to see New Orleans.  I only had a few hours on one afternoon, and I’m so glad I did this as opposed to wander around aimlessly.  I picked up a few tidbits on NOLA history, got to see three districts, and spent some time with a city resident, which I count as a plus anytime I travel.

Here are some of my photos:


This is in front of Brangelina’s NOLA home in the French Quarter.


The Mighty Mississippi.  LOVE this river!

Along St. Charles Ave.  This is on the Mardi Gras parade route, and the trees are littered (year round) with beads.  The trolley tracks are being repaired, and in the meanwhile, the tracks have become a great place to run.  We saw many runners out that evening.


I can only imagine I was a bit of a disappointment to my guide Mac.  I’m not a football fan, but at least I listen to enough radio and read enough sports sections to know who Archie Manning is. This is his house.


I find it unbelievable that a regular person lives in Jefferson Davis’ house.  You’d think it’d be a museum or something.  But nope. The owner did have on a pin that read “Daughters of the Confederacy.” Wonder if they’re as exclusive as DAR.


There I am, running through the French Quarter.

All in all, I wish we had taken more photos of some of the historic landmarks, but I can’t enthuse anymore about this experience. Overall excellent!



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