So long Sandy

Hello Yeti

Yeti was an issue. I got gauge. Both row and stitch. I had the correct amount of yarn. But I ran short.  For my size, I was supposed to have a body length (from under the armholes) of 14″.  I had about 10.5-11″  Not good.

And then I realized…I don’t necessarily like short-sleeved winter sweaters.  Because my arms are always cold.  (as is my torso.  I’m just always cold).  So I used a second yarn, Savannah from The Fiber Co. that I had in my stash to make some sleeves and add extra length in the torso so that it looked like I was wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt under the sweater.  A success, I believe.  Yeti’s blocking right now. There will be more photos upon drying.

I finished Yeti as we were pulling up to my house in NJ after spending the hurricane with my parents in Connecticut.  Yes, I realize that not everyone leaves their inland, high-ground home for a low-lying, coastal town in the middle of a storm, but Big Jim was rather adamant that we come…quickly.  So we did.

And chez Alexander there was no power (but a generator) and there were ferocious winds (but we were safe), and the water made the borough into an island (but we stayed dry).  Meanwhile, back in NJ, 100 year old trees were torn up by their roots and laid around willy-nilly.  Luckily for chez Sato, our basement remained dry and our location seemed to protect our trees, as there were only branches (not entire trees) strewn about.

At Big Jim’s we participated in a family tradition: the cheesy puzzle.


1000 pieces. Fewer than 24 hours.  Lots of pumpkins.  Stick a fork in it Mr. Wysocki!

Back to Sandy: the weather seems to be improving slightly faster than expected, which I’m not happy about. My hip/hammie/piriformus (ok, let’s just say it–my BUTT) is still wonky, and I really wanted to take an ENTIRE week off from running before starting my training plan (yet again) for Surf City.  But with improving weather, the temptation will be there…I hope this week to find a sports massage person, and maybe we can knead the pain out of my hip/butt for once and for all!

Keep those blinders on…focus!


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