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I find it sorta funny (in an odd way) how my knitting and running have so many similarities.  So many that on today’s sorta lousy run, I actually thought of re-opening a retail store–a hybrid of sorts–that would specialize in yarn and running gear made from wool.  Of course, I’d call it “On the Lam(b)” which I think is a kick-ass name. 

I don’t think it’s as awkward a combination as it presents itself at first.  I know how to run a yarn shop. I’ve done it in the past.  I think the skills it takes to have a specialty retail business translate fairly easily.  I would probably bankrupt a 7-11.  But as I gain in running knowledge, I know I could operate a running store.  

Why, pray tell, did all this run through my head?  Well, today I met up with my group for a 9-10 mile run.  My hammies are still bothering me (more on that later), but I headed out for a few reasons.  Number one on that list being the general stress of gasoline lines, empty stores, frustrated FB posts from neighbors and friends.  Number 2 was to run in solidarity (albeit a lesser distance) with all the NYC Marathon runners who weren’t getting their race (for good reason) today.  

Anyways, we gather at our local Fleet Feet, which I. LOVE. ALMOST. MORE. THAN. MY. OLD. YARN. SHOP.  I could spend all day in there.  Sometimes I do.  Anyways, while we were awaiting, I noticed two new displays: a Smartwool shirt display and an Ibex shirt display.  Watch me now climb my pedestal:

I am not a fan of this synthetic “tech gear.”  It snags. It stinks. Yeah, it wicks, but not that well. And (and this is the part I like least about it) it feels so….synthetic.  On the other hand, I LOVE wool. It’s soft. It washes well. It’s anti-microbial. It wicks. It doesn’t stink after one run.  oh, and it’s warm.  

Which brings me to my point (sort of). The temp at the start of today’s run was under 30F.  And I was eyeing the Smartwool shirts like there was no tomorrow.  Good thing I didn’t have my wallet. Then it dawned on me–a knitting/running store. Talk about a niche market! Ah, the obstacles: knitters are not generally known for their athletic prowess; runners are generally not known for their craftiness.

So we headed out on our 9 miles, and my hammies weren’t cooperating, but thoughts of the yarn/running gear store carried me through the first 4.6 miles.  Then I had to stop for the bathroom, and my hammies weren’t having any more of this.  Dammit.  But on the positive side–I have this AWESOME idea for a knit running shirt in my head.  Tonight I’m going to sketch it out, and knit a few gauge swatches to see if I can make it work.  I’m not a knitwear designer (by any means), but boy oh boy, this running shirt is is my caw and I can’t let go.  I’ll probably dream of it tonight.

Oh, and on the hammie front.  I visited a sports PT (and runner) last week. Our initial consult went well, and I’m seeing him again Wednesday.  I’m going to try to take it easy til then (I’m not such a great runner, but I suck even more at not-running). I want to fix this thing for one and for all before Surf City.

Stay tuned…




  1. I see a lot of Merino wool in athletic clothing now a days. I would even like to do a shrug made out of it, but of course, it would be rather pricey. When I talk to people about wool with athletic clothes, it’s either a love or hate kinda thing. There definitely is a market for it though…not just from a running perspective, but from an outdoor activity perspective imho. Looking forward to seeing your design.

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